Financing a Golf Cart Purchase


There are many ways to get financing for a golf cart purchase.   Golf Cart Store online has no affiliations with any of these lenders.  Here are just a few to choose from: 

Financing Options: 

Your Bank:  When we need a quick loan, call your bank and get a signature loan. This is a loan where you sign for the dollar amount required (normally under $5,000.00.) There is no collateral attached to the loan; it’s based on your credit score and the dollar amount requested.  Talk with your bank to see what options you have as each bank varies

Sheffield Financial:   Sheffield Financial provides significant financing for great equipment. Since 1992, we have financed over $15 billion in consumer and commercial retail loans for dealers of most major brand names in the industry. Our innovative variety of financing products, friendly and timely service and quick credit decisions are unmatched in our industry. We invite you to explore our Website to find out more about the power you can harness with Sheffield Financial.

Capital One.  For Yahama buyers, they offer something but we could not find much data on it.